Miles McPherson is the pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, former defensive back for the San Diego Chargers, author, actor, motivational speaker, and founder of DoSomethingChurch.org. Miles is a unifier who makes the hope of the gospel real, relevant, and accessible, to empower people to make a difference in the world. His recent mission field has been to face the racial division in America by providing a Third Option to the Us vs. Them culture. His book The Third Option has now developed into The Third Option Similarity Training where Miles aims to unite our country and heal the racial divide.


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Michael Brunker is a renowned leader in business, nonprofit, and youth development environments who holds more than 40 years of experience in empowering people and teams to exceed all expectations, including their own. Michael has a heart for racial reconciliation and with his years of experience in creating successful nonprofits, along with his personal convictions, he is dedicated to generating communities that are founded on unity. 


Equip communities and cities with the tools to develop racial unity by nurturing loving relationships.


Create Unified Cities based on Love.


All cities are made up of 7 Pillars.

Government, Media, Education, Family, Business, Sports/Entertainment, Faith.

Everyone has a unique opportunity to participate in a real and accelerating movement designed to break down the walls of division in our community and country. The Third Option City is an entirely new vision and approach that teaches people how to develop loving relationships by honoring our similarities while celebrating our individual uniqueness. Third Option Cities occur when all 7 pillars are actively committed to pursue racial unity by honoring our similarities while celebrating our individual uniqueness.

This is achieved in a two step process with our Third Option Similarity Training:

LEARN IT - Through The Third Option Similarity Training, we will equip individuals and organizations with the tools to live a loving life of honor.

LIVE IT We will provide practical next steps for individual and corporate application that ensurse that real culture changes takes place.