The Problem:

The country is experiencing racial division and this disturbing cultural trend is destroying our way of life. This dynamic is simply not sustainable. We don’t want this division to continue and we want to be part of a solution to overcome it.


The solution: 

Realize a new vision called The Third Option City. This is an integrated, cross-sector, training approach and methodology that teaches people to think and act in entirely new ways—learn how to develop loving relationships by honoring our similarities while celebrating our individual uniqueness. If we want stronger neighborhoods, communities, cities, and country, we will all need to work together. Imagine your city where all aspects of the city are committed to achieve racial unity and are willing to “LEARN IT” and “LIVE IT” every day.

Tested training curriculum tailored specifically to seven segments of our community:

  • Government/Law Enforcement

  • Education

  • Business

  • Media

  • Sports/Entertainment

  • Family

  • Faith


The program is based on the principles of the popular Book, Third Option—Hope for a Racially Divided Nation by Pastor Miles McPherson.


The six-week Diversity Training program and materials (video teaching, group discussion guides, homework, etc.) will offer practical teaching so participants can embark on a journey of self-discovery and LEARN and LIVE in new ways to encourage racial unity. 


True transformation occurs when we put the lessons we learn into practice:

  • Each participant is paired with a Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper to complete weekly assignments.

  • After completing the six-week course, the participant is now equipped and encouraged to serve in the community within their respective segment or partner with others in other segments. (For example, Faith participants can partner with Educators to help those in local schools. Or, Business participants can partner with Law Enforcement to help build bridges.)

How does The Third Option differ from more traditional diversity training?


The Third Option Program uniquely focuses on looking for, and honoring similarities in each other rather than concentrating on differences.


Fosters more scenarios where both sides WIN.

This is NOT “check the box” compliance training and goes well beyond “how to tolerate people that don’t look like me”.


This training goes beyond addressing issues of the heart (personal involvement/development). The Third Option program places greater emphasis on teaching people to love others and proactively apply the lessons—in their churches, schools, at work, in their communities—and LIVE IT every day.


The sum is greater than the parts: If all aspects of the community can engage and commit to The Third Option City direction, the impact will be broadly effective and real for all community members.