The Third Option City


What is a Third Option City?

A community that rejects the "Us vs Them" mentality while pursuing the third option of honoring our similarities while celebrating our uniquenesses

How you can pursue racial unity...

 Third Option Cities occur when 8 pillars are actively committed to pursue racial unity by honoring our similarities while celebrating our individual uniqueness.

Family with Tablet


We know that families, and those who make up a family unit, are the core to any thriving community. Your active participation in your community is what keeps hope and unity amongst everyone. Our heart is to empower you with tools and resources to tackle the racial division we currently face with lasting and life-changing tactics meant for racial reconciliation. Our Similarity Training is not like traditional trainings, we focus on honor instead of shame and want to create a Third Option to the Us vs. Them mentality we see every day. Our Third Option City Strategy is simple: Learn It and Live It. Our eCourse is built in a way for it to be challenging yet digestible. The real change starts after the course is completed with opportunities to partner with other city pillars in order to work together to make your community racially united!

Praying Hands


The gospel is centered around unity, hope and reconciliation which are all of the same principles that The Third Option are based off of. We created a Non-Profit called A Race For Unity whose main goal is committed to equipping the faith community to pursue racial unity by honoring our similarities while celebrating our individual uniqueness. We strongly believe that the local Church has a major role to play in being part of the active solution towards racial reconciliation and want to equip you and your church with the tools and resources to make that happen. The Third Option City Strategy unites the main pillars in each community to work together to serve one another and create lasting racial unity, today! 

Business Team


Local businesses are essential to any city and if you are a President, CEO, HR Representative or in charge of diversity training for your company, then you are in the right place! Our Third Option Similarity Training was built to support your company when it comes to DEI training and we want to come along side you with our tested and proved curriculum to create lasting racial unity. Our curriculum is unique in that we focus on our similarities first and build from there a sturdy foundation of education around the important topic of racial reconciliation. The Third Option City Strategy desires to unite the major pillars in our communities, like yours, to work together in cultivating real, lasting, change today!



Local government agencies are a prominent pillar to any community and are heavily relied on to be institutions of integrity which is why we have a training built just for you. Your power and influence is immeasurable and our heart is to come along side you to equip you with tools and recourses on how to create racial reconciliation in our city. Our Third Option City Strategy is dedicated to racial unity in the form of education and active community involvement and need everyone’s participation to make this a reality. The model is simple: Learn It and Live It. Our Similarity Training includes discussions, activities and role-play to really inspire people with effective lessons on how to overcome racial division. Once the course is completed, our desire is for entire communities to band together in practical ways in order to create lasting, racial unity!

Study Group


Are you an educator, teacher, administrator, or counselor? This course is for you and your students! The Third Option Similarity Training is designed for you and your school to become more effective in tackling racial reconciliation and is crafted just for your grade level needs. We are very passionate about our next generation being agents for change when it comes to racial unity and are dedicated to equipping you with the tools to get you and your students there. Proven and sustaining results. Effective strategies for immediate implementation. As part of The Third Option City Strategy, we highly value the role that education plays in each community. We know that with your involvement we can see real, lasting, change today!

Football Fans


It’s no secret that sports and entertainment are one of the most unifying factors in our society today. The Third Option was built on principals that reflect those similar to being on a team that is unified in one goal, in this case, racial unity. Our curriculum was written with athletes, coaches and fans alike in mind because we know the power that hope and unity can bring. We know that to be an active part of the solution we must come together to Learn about racial reconciliation and then Live It out. With your community influence and desire to unite the country, together with The third Option City Strategy, we can change the world!

News Cameras


Now more than ever, people are interconnected through so many avenues; social media and local news being some of the most important! The information shared through our local news and media channels literally shape the tone of a community. We recognize the influence and weight that you carry and want to come alongside you to equip you with tools on how to tackle racial reconciliation so that you can be empowered with resources in your daily life. Our Third Option Similarity Training has been crafted with influential people in mind, who are facing racial tension every day and are looking for solutions. We desire for people to learn how to effectively be part of the solution and then actively live it out and we recognize the huge role you can play in making that a reality. Join our Third Option City Strategy today to create lasting racial unity in your community!

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Healthcare workers put their heart and soul into their work every day and care a great deal for others.  Whether it's providing patients with the best of care or supporting each other as staff, this training will allow you to create a better atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and cared for. This training will equip you even further on how to honor every patient and personnel you come in contact with.

Third Option City Endorsers


Rick Baldridge

CEO of Viasat Inc.



San Diego Chargers (Retired)/Founder
Legacy Health


Ken Blanchard

Co-Founder and
Chief Spiritual Officer
The Ken Blanchard 



Principal of Lincoln

High School


Brian Buffini

Founder of Buffini & Company


Dr.Kevin Calkins

Principal of Cathedral Catholic High School


William Gore

San Diego County 


Dr. Paul Gothold

San Diego County
Office of Education


Harper- Harris

Founder of Coaches For Racial Equality and Head Basketball Coach at Lincoln HS



California Interscholastic
Federation San Diego 



Mike Moulton

Chief Of Police
The City of El Cajon


Mike Murphy

President & CEO
Sharp HealthCare (Retired)



Chief of Police
City of San Diego Police Department


Daniel Simon

Dan Simon Solutions


Summer Stephan

District Attorney
County of San Diego


Rev. Dr. John Warren

San Diego Voice and Viewpoint


Dr. Judy White

Riverside County Office of Education and

Riverside County Schools (Retired)

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